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MILEX (19인치랙케이스)

MILEX-HM / 군용 19인치 랙케이스
Hard Mount 타입의 군용19인치 랙케이스. 다양한 사이즈로 제작가능.


MILEX_HM(Hard Mounted) : 19인치 전자.제어기기 운반용 랙케이스
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Standard 제품인 MILEX-SM제품과 동일한 스펙이며, 19인치 프레임섀시와 케이스외부 하우징이
일체화 된 타입입니다이로인해 MILEX-SM에서 anti-vibration이 제거된 상태입니다
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MILEX-HM 케이스는 EDAK(이닥)사에서만 사용하는 Peralum 350계열의 특수알루미늄 재질로서
컴팩트한 사이즈에 외부환경에 강하여 미군, NATO군 등에서 폭넓게 사용되고 있습니다
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MILEX MIL-STD-810 F, G Vibration, Shock, Drop shock, High/Low temperature,
Temperature shock, Salt fog, Sand and Dust, Humidity, Low pressure(altitude)

만족하는 사양이며 또한, EMI / RFI Shielding이 가능합니다.


제품에 대한 자세한 내용은 첨부의 제품 카다로그를 참고하여 주시기 바랍니다.
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The standard MILEX-HM case is a standard 19“ MILEX case without a shock mounted chassis. It is for applications where shock protection is not critical but all other levels of protection of the 19“ MILEX case are maintained. Outside dimensions are equivalent to the 19“ MILEX-case.

MILEX-HM transit cases are designed to meet the rigid requirements of MIL specifications and other MIL standards. The hardmount is designed for applications requiring protection from all elements except shock & vibration. MILEX-HM cases use the same aluminum sheet shell process as our MILEX cases. Therefore, if you need a size that's not industry standard, no worries! This ability means that the overall footprint dimension of your case is as small as it can be without sacrificing protection.


MILEX-HM transit cases are designed to carry and protect flange-mount equipment. Typical applications are: Military and high reliability Commercial Mobile fielded instrumentation equipment exposed to hostile environments. Milex-HM provides the same MILEX Advantage with a non-shock mounted case.

Design Characteristics

▪ Compact and rugged aluminum construction
▪ Front loading & top loading designs
▪ Recessed handles and closures
▪ Positive stacking provisions (Type A)
▪ Covers easily removed from stacked cases (Type A)
▪ Compliant to MIL Spec. 4150 & 28800
▪ Variety of standard sizes

Standard Weights and Sizes

For a list of standard weights and sizes, please download our brochures . Other sizes and custom features are available by request. For more information, see how the MILEX Advantage combines quality design, protection, and flexibility.

19" Single Cover, 19" Double Cover, and Half Size (1/2 or 19") standard MILEX-HM sizes are available.

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