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PORTEX (Handheld케이스)

PORTEX Briefcase


PORTEX Briefcases are designed to protect items such as small instruments, tools, cameras, anything that needs to be hand-carried and which would be damaged in a soft case. Also, mobile instruments such as sophisticated GPS devices.

The PORTEX Briefecase uses the same aluminum sheet shell process as our other cases. The cover can also be made removable. We can modify to accommodate interior brackets, mounts, compartments, and markings such as silk screening. An internal mounting flange is available for installation of electronics panel or instrument panel. Custom designed partitions and fold-down dividers are available. Due to minimal corner radii the PORTEX Briefcase offers optimal useable space in relation to case size.

Standard Weights and Sizes

For a list of standard weights and sizes, please download our brochures . Other sizes and custom features are available by request. For more information, see how the MILEX Advantage combines quality design, protection, and flexibility.

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